synergia | Our Story

When we started Synergia in 2019, we wanted to build a center in which its members not only enjoy working together in a high synergic place, but also to train and support members to achieve their goals in the lowest minimum time with lowest price. We recognized this gap in the Middle East and now we are here to start a new journey with each member of us. We are very pleasant that University of California, Berkeley is supporting us in this path and we are officially the representative of UC Berkeley in Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan.

Synergia is a small “city” chosen by those who want to have a better workspace and increase their efficiency. A Synergia resident is called “a Synergian” and Synergians are startup owners, innovators, entrepreneurs and creative individuals. We add the synergy created with other people working to synergians.


synergia | Our Goal

Synergia’s goal is to help and support Middle Eastern and Central Asian startups from the idea point to internationalization and exit stage of a business.

Why Synergia?

  • Increase efficiency of members through Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship Training Programs of University of California, Berkeley in the USA and in the Middle East.
  • Creating a novel coworking and innovation center concept that contains value chain from the idea point to internationalization and exit stage of a business.
  • Providing value added services via intermediaries besides traditional coworking offices.
  • Becoming a good combination of a coworking space, virtual office service provider, incubator, startup accelerator and business accelerator.
  • Bringing the all actors of entrepreneurship ecosystem together.
  • Supporting SME’s for receiving national and international grants.
  • Matching business ideas with investors and bringing them to global market.

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