These are some important examples Synergia prepared, implemented and contributed. Synergia is one of the most intellectual service companies in Turkey.


CES 2022 Organization

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest technology event in the world organized since 1967 in Las Vegas, USA.
This year, for the first time, Synergia organized İstanbul Pavillion in CES 2022 with the financial support of Istanbul Development Agency. 28 Turkish Technology startups attended in Eureka Park Area under Istanbul Pavillion.
As part of our mission "Contributing Istanbul's position as one of the best International Entrepreneurship Centers of the World, we are really proud to be organizer and contractor of this important event in the history Turkish innovation based entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Synergia is the jump point of internationalization of technology firms in İstanbul, Turkey.



International Entrepreneurship Centre: İSTANBUL Project was prepared by Synergia and financially supported by İstanbul Development Agency. The project has many big scale partners. Universities, technoparks, business groups, accelerators, and other actors in the local entrepreneurship ecosystem. The project will contribute to the internationalization process of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in İstanbul with a holistic approach.



Innovative Health Technologies Development Platform Project was prepared by Synergia and financially supported by İstanbul Development Agency. Among more than 1000 projects offered, this project was in the first 20. With universities, technoparks, big scale medicine, vaccination and health oriented companies, the largest health platform was established. A hackathon against Covid 19 pandemic with 400+ startups, a business accelerator programme and a demo day were organized in the project.



Atölye Üsküdar is an important fab-lab and prototyping infrastructure in İstanbul founded by Üsküdar Municipality. Synergia runs the facility and manages the entrepreneurship and accelerator programme of the centre.



Synergia Innovation and Business Services Centre, in cooperation with Iranian Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Panizan Corporation, is proud to have organized “Industry 4.0 Seminar &Training Tour” on December 1-4, 2021 in Istanbul-Turkey. About 25 Iranian founder and CEO of industrial factories in Iran gathered in Istanbul to learn more about Industry 4.0, its implications, and the best experiences in Turkey. Speakers include Zico Ufuk Batum (founder of Ventures and Mentors League), Ali KURT PhD. (Director of Technology Transfer Office in Beykent University), Dr. Miray Başaran (founding partner of Synergia Innovation Centre) and Huseyin Karayagiz (founder of TRangles). Participants also visited AKPLAS Factory ( to learn about their Industry 4.0 practical experiences.



A programme prepared and managed by Marmara Technopark and KADEM, Women in Innovation promotes women entrepreneurship and supports them with intellectual and financial empowerment. Synergia contributed to the project in the implementation process in an entrepreneurship camp.


ITTA (International Technology Transfer Academy) Project

Supported financially by the European Union and prepared by TUBİTAK Marmara Technopark, the project aimed to educate high level International Technology Transfer Professionals. Synergia undertook the project’s Turkey part activities.



INOTEX is an international exhibitions with orientations towards science and technology, that acts like a bridge between businessmen, technologists, industrialists and researchers from different countries, which are held not only to display goods and conduct trade negotiations around them, but also to provide various information about the world-class competitive pricing, the latest quality standards, the latest industrial developments, the latest scientific research achievements and economic-technological ideas, which are exchanged during the exhibitions. In this regard, the INOTEX international innovation and technology exhibition has been held since 2012 with the participation of international companies and to serve the following objectives:

  • Investment: Communication between domestic and international investors and startups and companies.
  • Partnership and collaboration: Between technology companies and domestic and international startups.
  • Networking and arranging meetings: Between innovation and technology ecosystem activists.

Nowadays INOTEX is recognized as one of the most significant events of the year in the field of innovation and technology in Iran and has been welcomed by a wide range of audiences during these years. While INOTEX 2020 virtually hosted more than 400 companies and startups, as well as more than 20,000 online visitors, INOTEX 2021 will be held on May 2021 in a new innovative way in a combination of face to face and virtual sections. Located in an open area in Pardis Innovation District of Tehran, Iran.

Synergia is one of the sponsors of the INOTEX2021 event and it look forward to meet and collaborate with you soon in INOTEX2021.


Turkey-Iran Business Meeting in Minerals, Petrochemicals, and Metals Fields

This event held online on February 17, 2021 in which 10 Iranian and 15 Turkish businessmen in minerals, petrochemicals, and metals fields had a B2B meeting. The welcoming speeches were presented by , Israfil Yıldız, Provincial Director of Istanbul in the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey and Dr. Ali Kurt, founding partner of Synergia. Some of Iranian and Turkish participants include: Acaccia Madencilik, Anatrica, Arad Tajhiz Pishro Saman, Atieh Pardazan Sharif, Bon Afzar, Danesh Ghetee Samin, Deren Kimya, E Ihracat, İGDAŞ, Kavosh Sanat Toos Co, Kayalar Kimya ,Kayalar Plastik ,Kimia Javid Sepahan, Mapi Madencilik, Meski, Olin Yağ, Raika Pajouhesh Chemical Industries, Rasam Polymer Nami, Rosoubgiri Co, Seha Taban, Tarahan Machine hejazian, Ugetam, Üstün Plastik.


The Trade Cooperation of Eastern European Countries in the New Era

Organized by Synergia and Turksid jointly, the event gathered businessmen, academicians and politicians in the target countries together in an online event.